February 21, 2018 - No Comments!

Pipeline 2.8.0 with MayaBinary Support + User permissions!

Pipeline gets support for MayaBinary, from now you can define a component, and even its sub-component items such as versions and master to save as MayaAscii or MayaBinary.

options available when creating new component

file type indicator on the component panel

Pipeline will now user based permissions system, to allow or revoke certain operation from certain users, depending on their defined role.

pick a role for a user


The permissions guide (role and allowed actions) - currently this is hard coded and not editable







And more changes and bugfixes in the changelog below

This update is fully backward compatible but as always, it's highly recommended to backup your work before updating software.  


  • [added] Added new permissions control system
  • [added] Added support for MayaAscii & MayaBinary (on a per task level and even version-master!)
  • [added] Note editor is now more comfortable
  • [added] New CSS with a more responsive feel
  • [added] Add masters origin indicator
  • [fixed] Navigate to current open file on pipeline load is working again
  • [fixed] Load preset from file dialog spontaneously closing or not showing up at all
  • [fixed] Load project dialog spontaneously closing or not showing up at all
  • [fixed] Reload pipeline working again
  • [removed] The file lock system was removed, unfortunately it was causing more pain then assistance

Update 2.8.3 Hotfix [22.02.2017]

After the release i have found a small but nasty bug that required a quick hotfix

  • [fix] bug when loading project that has no users
  • [fix] cosmetics bug
  • [fix] bug with library trying to populate nothing at startup

Download Pipeline 2.8.3

September 23, 2017 - No Comments!

Pipeline 2.6.11 update

Sorry for the long downtime, here is a quick update and a hotfix

  • [added] option for 'step' increment when generating categories
  • [added] saving master added an option to not open the file
  • [added] trailing zeros on preset generation
  • [added] option to use '-' for object names
  • [fixed] import action is now preserving references
  • [fixed] bug when closing the dock and trying to call it again throws a 'internal c++ object already deleted'

Download Pipeline 2.6.11

March 24, 2017 - No Comments!

Pipeline 2.2.6 hotfix

Latest update includes support for playblasting on windows machines with no H.264 codecs installed.

  • [fixed] Playblast can now handle windows machines with no H.264 installed
  • [fixed] Component with .avi and .mov playblasts were causing exceptions
  • [fixed] Preset generator sliders were limited up to 99
  • [fixed] Add loaded/saved files to Maya's recent file list now working on Windows

Download Pipeline 2.2.6

March 18, 2017 - No Comments!

Pipeline 2.2.3 hotfix

Hello friends v2.2.3 hotfix addresses some bugs that were found immediately after the release.

Saving master automation

Along the fixes comes a long time requested feature for saving master automations,
that will allow running .py or .mel script during publishing of master, as well as scene clean up. The setting and scripts can be remembered per component.

  • [added] Publishing automations
  • [added] Add saved files to maya's 'recently opened' list
  • [fixed] Project without users dose not get admin privileges
  • [fixed] Fix critical bug when loading maya files with error, this drives the UI crazy sometimes
  • [fixed] Versions table ui issue - missing scrollbar

Download Pipeline 2.2.3

March 4, 2017 - No Comments!

Pipeline 2.0.0 is here

Following almost one year in beta phase, picking out nasty bugs and implementing feature requests, Pipeline 2.0.0 is finally released!

  • Dynamic project structure and naming conventions.
  • Folder structure templates and templates editor.
  • Support for underscores in item names.
  • Playblasts with masters.
  • Quick projects switcher.
  • New interface.
  • New documentation.
  • Automatic update checker.
  • Supported in Maya 14-17 Win/OSX. (Maya 2017 update 2+)

Pipeline 2 license is 30$ for commercial use, and students can get it for 10$.
A trial version is available for evaluation.