February 1, 2022 - 3 comments

3.0.0 – Maya 2022 support

Apologies for the super-long wait!

Finally I got the time to update the code to support Python 3 which is the new interpreter used in Maya 2022.

Go ahead and grab it from my Gumroad - https://liorbenhorin.gumroad.com/l/pipeline2

Note that this version was not heavily tested and may contain some bugs - please report them!

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  • Steve Hibberd

    Hope this is the right place to post.
    I’m getting an error, pipeline folder is in scripts folder.
    The dropdown menu appears in the Maya UI.
    I have also run the “import sys” way of importing.
    Thanks for any pointers
    Purchased under Torpedo Group Company
    PS it works in Maya 2020 only.

    import pipeline
    # Error: AttributeError: file D:/Box Sync/MAYA_Prefs/2022/scriptspipelinelibsupdates.py line 188: module ‘pipeline’ has no attribute ‘version’ #
    # Error: AttributeError: file D:/Box Sync/MAYA_Prefs/2022/scriptspipelinemaya_libsmaya_qt.py line 108: module ‘pipeline’ has no attribute ‘version’ #

  • Steve Hibberd

    Here’s is a screenshot showing the script editor, dropdown list and side panel showing V3 but not working.


  • Hello!

    I have Pipeline 3.0.0 with libs at 2.7.0, running on Maya 2023 on a Mac running Monterey. 12.4.

    Everything is humming along except Pipeline does not publish when you hit “save master”. The bubble still says “Not Published”, no “_MASTER.mb” file is created, and if you publish from an open master you sometimes get “p001” instead of “v001”, which doesn’t match the files in the “masters” folder.

    Is there a fix for this? Thanks!