A simple projects manager for Autodesk Maya


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Pipeline 2.8.0 is out with mayaAscii/mayaBinary support + new user permissions system!

Work like the industry professionals

Pipeline is a simple and straight forward tool for managing Maya projects, from one-shot animations, to student shorts, to asset beasts like tv shows.
Start working smarter and let Pipeline handle all the dirty work, so you can stay focused on your artwork.


Project organisation

Quickly create and expand your project tree without leaving Maya.
Build clean projects with templates, or customise your folder structure and naming conventions to match your production needs.


Version control

Pipeline handles the mess of saving versions, playblast recordings and publishing master files.
Masters are also being versioned, so you can publish with no worries and always roll back to safety.


Team collaboration

Work alone or create a working space for your team.
Assign roles, keep assets safe and critical functions hidden from non admin team members.



Evaluate on your own projects
Limited functionality*
Non-Commercial use only



Non-Commercial and Educational use only
Requiers Email verification*



Ready for production use
No limitations


Latest release

Pipeline 2.8.0 with MayaBinary Support + User permissions! (2/21/2018)
Pipeline gets support for MayaBinary, from now you can define a component, and even its sub-component items such as versions and master to save as MayaAscii or MayaBinary.

options available when creating new component

file type indicator on the component panel

Pipeline will now user based permissions system, to allow or revoke certain operation from certain users, depending on their defined role.

pick a role for a user

  The permissions guide (role and allowed actions) - currently this is hard coded and not editable




  And more changes and bugfixes in the changelog below This update is fully backward compatible but as always, it's highly recommended to backup your work before updating software.   ~
  • [added] Added new permissions control system
  • [added] Added support for MayaAscii & MayaBinary (on a per task level and even version-master!)
  • [added] Note editor is now more comfortable
  • [added] New CSS with a more responsive feel
  • [added] Add masters origin indicator
  • [fixed] Navigate to current open file on pipeline load is working again
  • [fixed] Load preset from file dialog spontaneously closing or not showing up at all
  • [fixed] Load project dialog spontaneously closing or not showing up at all
  • [fixed] Reload pipeline working again
  • [removed] The file lock system was removed, unfortunately it was causing more pain then assistance
Update 2.8.3 Hotfix [22.02.2017] After the release i have found a small but nasty bug that required a quick hotfix
  • [fix] bug when loading project that has no users
  • [fix] cosmetics bug
  • [fix] bug with library trying to populate nothing at startup
Download Pipeline 2.8.3


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Send your valid identification to liorbenhorin@gmail.com prior to your purchase to receive a discount code.

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If you prefer, Pipeline can be purchesd with Bitcoin!

Commercial / Student

Send your Transection ID to liorbenhorin@gmail.com to recive your activaion key.